A little about us here at Bluesman.

Bluesman Vintage is a high-end boutique shop that caters to the needs of the professional musician.

We offer the highest-quality vintage replicas and boutique guitars available on the market today. We use the best materials available and pay strict attention to detail when building one of our instruments. In a world of expensive high-end boutique guitars, Bluesman Vintage instruments stand head and shoulders above instruments that cost over five times as much!

The staff at Bluesman Vintage feels that there is no major difference between an “Average” guitar and a “Magical” one, but rather the difference derives from the culmination of many details that they incorporate into every instrument. The same can be said for our extensive catalog of vintage restoration work. With a combined 45+ years of experience as both luthiers and musicians, the staff at Bluesman Vintage knows what it takes to build a superior instrument and will not settle for less than stellar performance from our instruments or from our unparalleled customer service.

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Spring Hill, TN 37174

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